Darna’s Amaro was awarded a gold medal for the best herbal liqueur

On April 9, 2014, Darna’s Amaro was awarded a gold medal for the best herbal liqueur at an international tasting competition held in Las Vegas. The event was part of the 71st Annual Convention of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA). The WSWA is a professional trade organization with over 350 member companies […]

Darna featured in “The Times” newspaper of Northwest Indiana

Darna participate in charity evening of United Way

Darna visit the Electrolux factory

Darna Ltd. sponsored the tour of Gastronauts of Electrolux factory in Pordenone. Through the tour, for a good atmosphere contributed Darnas Pelinkovac and Amaro.

Super Konzum in Istria

Il 14 febbraio 2015, San Valentino, con inizio alle ore 10.00 è stata inaugurata la più grande e meglio rifornita rivendita della Konzum in Istria, in via Siana 1 a Pola. Per l’occasione, la Darna s.r.l. ha presentato con orgoglio i propri prodotti, offerti in degustazione. Oltre che nel reparto liquori, i prodotti Darna sono […]

90 years with You

To celebrate 90 years of producing traditional beverages, Darna liquor factory is proud to present a new visual identity for our 1 liter products: Pelinkovac, Kruškovac, Amaro, Ovo Liker, Chocolate Cocktail, Menta Glaciale, Darna Domaći and Punch in addition to Amaro in a new 0.7 litter bottle. The launch of this new line of bottles […]

Darna’s success at an International wine and spirit competition in London

We are proud to announce that Darna’s Pelinkovac and Amaro have each been awarded top honors at the 46th annual International Wine and Spirit Competition ( Darna’s products joined entries from 90 different countries in the famed competition held in London, England. Pelinkovac and Amaro underwent a rigorous two-stage judging process which included blind tasting […]

Another accomplishment for Darna-Liquor Factory of Rovinj

In recent days, yet another outstanding recognition was delivered to Darna-Liquor Factory of Rovinj. Darna’s Ovo Liker was awarded a golden medal at one of the biggest wine and spirit competitions in the world – the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London, England. This award further honors Darna’s commitment to uncompromising quality. A […]

CWSA Golden Medal for Pelinkovac

We are proud to announce that Darna Pelinkovac (Rovinjski Pelinkovac) was awarded a 2016 China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA) Gold Medal. The CWSA is the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China. Judges represent the top importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers in the country. Wines and spirits from 55 countries are […]

Rovinj’s pearls around the World

Darna has once again shipped to the United States a line of products that will be placed on shelves across America beginning this June. Since 2013, Darna, liquor factory of Rovinj has exported Amaro and two cream liquors (Ovo Liker and Chocolate Cocktail) to the US. Now Rovinjski Pelinkovac, Kruškovac, Darna Domaći (Rum) will join […]

A bronze medal for Čokoladni liker in London

Dear customers, friends and partners of Darna, We are pleased to announce that Darna has received another international acknowledgment. Darna’s Chocolate Cocktail – Čokoladni Liker, a Croatian quality product, has won a bronze medal in this year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. This bronze award is a confirmation of perseverance in quality and […]

Our next great creation – Monte liquore by Darna

Darna’s products now available in Italy

We are pleased to inform you that Darna products are now available for purchase in Italy. For more information, contact our distributor: EMMEMME SRL Via Travnik 4 – 34018 San Dorligo della Valle –TRIESTE

Finalists for the “Queen of Croatia 2017” competition visit Darna – Liquor factory of Rovinj


After the successful launch of our new product in the United States, DARNA ORAHOVAC is now available for customers on the Istrian peninsula as well. We are confident that this newest product will please all those who appreciate quality and authenticity.


We are proud to introduce our newest creations for the United States- Orahovac (walnut liquor) Bacio D’Amore (raspberry liquor), Coffee liquor and Darna’s Mini-Bar, a new gift set with Orahovac, award winning Pelinkovac, Amaro and Kruškovac. These liquors are available at numerous retail locations throughout the midwest United States and will join their current lineup […]

Concert by Ronald Braus and guests on Red Island, Rovinj

In the ambience of the Red Island, the 19th edition of the ‘Ronald Braus and guests’ event was held, which once again brought together top musicians and artists on a beautiful stage under the stars. As a sponsor, Darna proves once again, that we proudly supports commendable cultural events.

Darna’s products now available in Germany

We are pleased to inform you that Darna products are now available for purchase in Germany. For more information, contact our distributor: Reisebüro Landgraf Mario and Sabine Landgraf Bahnhofstraße 13 09322 Penig Tel.: +49 37381 9720

The tradition and quality of Rovinj’s liqueurs are recognized on the world market

Successful presentation of Darna’s liqueurs at the EDEKA center in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany

The concert “Sing to Me About Love”

For a special occasion, on Valentine’s Day, the concert “Sing to me about love” was held in the Ceremonial City Hall of Rovinj and was headlined by our famous opera singer Roland Braus. In celebrating the theme of love, the guests enjoyed numerous performances of popular love songs and an array of Darna’s delicious drinks […]

Darna Vehicles Travel Around California

We thank our California distributor HistriaWines who proudly promote Darna’s liqueurs on their vehicles.